Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Totally Cool

Good morning, all!

This just in! By Another Name is going to galleys! Woo Hoo! I just got word from my fabulous Senior Editor, Nicola Martinez. Most exciting to reach this point. This short story was a blessing from the get go. Easy to write, it flowed from my fingers. Those are the best. I have, in the past, said that contemporary shorts are my "cheats." In fact, I now believe it's my therapy. What's more therapeutic than weaving a little redemption love story? Can these little snippets make the world a better place? I think so. Why, you ask?

Because I believe in happily ever after. I tell the girls that their daddy and I are living ours, and they are our little princesses who someday will have their own. After college. After grad school. After they develop into strong, confident young women, which seems to be a recurring theme with my heroines.

So, this is almost Thanksgiving day. I braved the grocery store last night, thinking I'd be all sneaky and get my holiday groceries ahead of time. Along with half of Temecula. Aye, yai! yai! Anyway, the fridge is packed. We've opted for a free range turkey, never frozen rather than the traditional block of ice to sit in the sink for a day. This year, recovering from surgery, and still unable to lift more than 10 lbs - a fact I forgot BEFORE I went to the grocery story - so, today, Perry's going with me before we brave Costco together. Lord, we must be crazy.

At any rate, have a happy Thanksgiving weekend. Good luck braving Black Friday, for you kamakaze shoppers out there! Many blessings, and safe travels to you and yours!



  1. Congratulations Ashley,

    What wonderful & exciting news!

    love, jackie

  2. Thanks, Jackie! as ever, I appreciate your enthusiasm. Hope that you and yours had a lovely Thanksgiving...



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