Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Thursday...

Perhaps it's just another Thursday night - but I got to thinking... This has been an insane week, life wise. Everything has had to fall to the back of my list to take care of my kids. Whenever it didn't, all heck broke loose. I think I had the fortune -can't say misfortune here- of praying for patience not too long ago. There's a line in Evan Almighty, where God tells Evan - "If you pray for patience, I'll give you more opportunities to be patient..." And, oh, I got them in spades this week.

I've also had the opportunity to finish a book, plot three new stories, read some amazing shorts from my fellow authors at, and what's more, I have a clearer idea on where I need to be in the world.

I also got word from my editor that she's working on my MS - so, prepare! the trimming of the darlings is bound to be coming soon...

Okay, back to it. Rachel & Ellie need to go to bed. Story time...which now involves each of them telling me one thing to tell a story about. Last night had to be about a bunny rabbit and a jewel. Yikes. Try coming up with that one off the top of your head!


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