Sunday, July 20, 2008

What's your love story?

My friend Skhye is highlighting her valentine's tale - Sacraficial Hearts...(new to my must read list...)

Today - she posted this question: What have you given up for the love of the person you love(d) enough to marry?

In answer--Before I met my husband, I'd just about given up on ever finding real love. I had become determined to just enjoy myself - that marriage was no longer for me, and that my true soul-mate (HS Sweetheart) had gone off and married another while I was dithering around with the wrong guy.

Then, one summer night at a beach party - there he was. Handsome, funny, sexy, and completely into everything I did or said. And, he lived a world away in San Diego.
Proximity wise, he was all wrong. But he was everything that I had ever dreamed of in a life-mate...but to make a life together, one of us had to start over.

Like any hero, he offered to come to me - but I knew his heart. So, like any heroine in my own romance, I gave it all up for love. My home at the beach, my career, hardest of all, leaving my best friend... and I never was more certain it was the right thing.

We married a year to the day after we met. Two daughters and 9 years later, it was still the best decision I ever made...

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