Monday, June 30, 2008

Edits complete - Phew!

Well, three cheers to Elizabeth, for her fantastic editorial contribution to the All or Nothing project. That's what it has become. A project. A comprehensive effort - that will be reviewed by me ONE more time, and then forwarded on its merry way - to be designated with a cover, back cover copy, blurb, etc. and so on. Lord, I can't wait to see the cover. It'll be amazing. A dream. I used to stroll book stores to envision where Ashley Ludwig would reside - and now, it's happening.

What a phenomenal effort on the part of The Wild Rose Press - whom I couldn't be more excited to work with. I am so excited about seening the cover. About the rest of the publishing process, which is, as of yet, a mystery to this writer. I'm ready to go back to work fleshing out my next historical, inspirational story - Castles by the Sea... set in the golden era of Hollywood. I'm looking forward to it - but have so much plotting to do, I should change the concept to plodding. Why oh why can't I be a pantser? Every story I've ever "pants-ed" together has gone nowhere. Oh, well. That's a topic for another day.

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