Monday, June 16, 2008

Some notes on editors...

Wow. I've gone through over 300 pages of detailed notes from Elizabeth. Yikes.

First thoughts, after seeing my bleeding, disected manuscript... AAARGH!!!
After catching my breath, my second thoughts (no pun intended) are... wow. How lucky am I?!?

I have an editor who is brilliant. She not properly and politely chastised me for the overuse of "was" - she fact-checked all of my historical elements. Bowie or Buck knife? When in the world did "threw me for a loop" enter the public vernacular? and other things that make me blush, and slap my forehead with a good-0le Homer Simpson " 'DOH!"

So, notes on editors. WHERE would we be without them? I shudder, suddenly, thinking of how many editorial mistakes I have made on this blog. Apologies, dear readers, for any overuse of commas, misplaced modifiers, lonely words, and other editorial attrocities that more than likely exist in this here blog.

So, with every edit, this writer is putting herself back to school.

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