Thursday, June 26, 2008

Popsicle summer

Saturday heralded the official arrival of summertime -There is nothing like seeing the popsicle smiles on their sweet faces, and enjoying that cool California breeze off the coastline. My girls are getting bigger, learning to swim, and can still strip and run naked through the sprinklers in 5 seconds flat. The video camera is on the fritz, so as soon as I can get it to the geeks at Best Buy, the more video I can capture of that reckless abandon.

The garden is spectacular - the flowers have outdone themselves, even though the heat index has been screwy. And, now we are in construction of our newest Ludwig Family Project...the river. Yes. Perry is constructing a river in the side yard. Complete with tricklng fountain, tadpoles to turn into froggies, and fish. I imagine we'll even find a home for a turtle or two. Lord, I'm going to turn into my sister. There are worse things than that. My sister rocks.

Speaking of sisters - I often wonder how my mom did it with us. Granted. We had more of an age difference between us. Three and a half years instead of 19 months. I am bound and determined to see these little misses lean on one another the way that Paige and I do. To hear them speak about each other once they reach adulthood - the way Paige and I speak about each other. What does a parent have to do to engender that? All I can say is, patience. Fights are not allowed. Hurting feelings on purpose is a definite no-no. Respect. Love. Fun. Play. All of these things are mandatory. Hateful words must be apologized for as much as physical contact. But, you know what? There is something about hearing them play, invent games, giggle in secret, and plan together that makes my heart flop around in my chest.

People ask me, as an adoptive mother - if my girls are related. *CRINGE* first of all. Second, comes the smile that states - you have no idea what you're asking me, do you? You might as well ask a person who physically bore their children - oh, is your husband the sperm donor for both your kids? But - no, I don't do that. What I do say is my pad-answer: "God made us a family. We're not biologically related, but Rachel and Ellie are sisters. I'm their mother...Perry's their father, and Millie's our dog."

Aye-yai-yai... that's a whole other topic for a later date!

We're all part of the same gene pool. Jump in and take a swim. After all, it's summer. And have a popsicle, while you're at it.
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