Thursday, February 5, 2009

Check Back on 2/6/2009 - for the Romancing February - True Love - Contest Winner

Read the blog below for some FABULOUS posts from the day! Click to view the new trailer!

The winner will be announced in the morning! Pacific Coast Time, that is! You have until Midnight Tonight to add your definition of True Love... I look forward to reading them all! and remember - Visit Once again... to "compete" in the Romancing February grand prize - a $75 gift certificate for The Wild Rose Press - please join our blog-hop, starting with the wonderful blog-talents of Amber Leigh Williams. Next stop: Nan Jacobs - for her Silver Fox Tales!

Remember to visit - a new blog by writer mamas, for mama writers. It's all about the love...


  1. Hi, To me love is that feeling that defies definition but when you look at the person, you know you life is better because they are in it.

  2. Debby - that's beautiful! sometimes, the simplest explanations are the best...


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