Monday, August 4, 2008

All or Nothing - Cover

Hey, everyone!

Good morning! we're freshly returned from Arizona - and I'm on my third cup of coffee, trying to get going before the "Momeeee!"s start at the top of the stairs.

I was scanning a week's worth of e-mail and found the note from Rae Monet and my editor that All or Nothing has been covered. Not just any cover - but a STUNNING cover.

Kimberlee Mendoza is my hero. She designed an incredible cover for All or Nothing - truly capturing what I wanted. It looks mysterious, intriguing, romantic, and a little dangerous...

Thank you, Kimberlee!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited...

What does it say to you?



  1. Your cover is wonderful. I love the colors in the sky, really does paint a mood.


  2. I'm jealous! I love nature covers. You're so lucky. Skhye

  3. Hi Ashley, your cover is amazing. The artist at WRP are womderful.

    Pam Y

  4. That's just lovely, Ashley. TWRP cover artists rock!

  5. I agree - we are very blessed at TWRP to have a say in our covers - even if it is just being able to provide direction. I couldn't be happier...



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