Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Funny Scenes...

I was thinking this morning, while choosing a funny scene from All or Nothing, that isn't love funny? What is more fun than falling in love? the thrill of the chase? the making up? the tension? the drama? all of it can tumble away in the blink of an eye with a laugh. That's what makes someone human--our ability to laugh at ourselves. For, what is more funny than being utterly vulnerable together?

I think that's why I love the romance genre so much... because in all things, in all situations, you put together a hero and heroine and there is always comedy before passion. At least, in my experience. Ha! don't know what that says about me... You get mystery, intrigue, comic relief, and then, that blissful happily ever after that little girls dream about. In my life, I'm lucky. I tell my kids that they are part of my happily ever after... that their daddy is my prince charming. And the day we got married, was my princess day.

Oh, don't get me wrong. Before I met him, I had to kiss a lot of toads along the way. :) And we can't always be princes and princessess. Somedays I wonder if Perry's been eating flies. Of if I'm not acting more like a wicked stepsister than the heroine... God has a phenomenal sense of humor. If you can't laugh with him, what's the fun of living?

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