Friday, April 25, 2008

To be Two Again...

Oh, to be two and a half again...
To not care that you're covered in sand. To grab on to your mommy when a wave plows you over. To know that she'll be there to catch you and bring you up to the surface again. To build sand castles and see magic in the air when a kite takes flight on an unseen breeze. To trust. To love. To laugh. To live. I suppose that's what Jesus meant, when he said let the children come to me. We all need to remember what it is like to be truly childlike. Ellie and Rachel are my teachers. They're my education on how to dance like no one is watching. How to be goofy and fun and that it's more fun to hear your favorite song a hundred times than to skip around the radio looking for something else. If I were two years old today, I'd want to dig the deepest hole I could. To look for seashells. To sit and let the waves slap at my legs. To spend all day with my mom and dad. To play. To eat too much ice cream. To fall asleep on the way home and know that I'd wake up in the comfort of my own bed.

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