Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wine Notes...

This week is for celebrating. And abject terror. I sent my official final draft of All or Nothing in to Elizabeth yesterday - thanks to feedback from my Temecula Writer's Group... special thanks go out to Dan and Denise Harmer. Denise is now my hero. You have a gift for technical writing. A gift that skipped me, I might add! *embarassed to the max with the majority of my repeated technical errors.* Let's all pause for a note of thanks to the proofreaders out there. All right? ;-) Let's move on!

I felt like I was at AA last week during writing group - I admitted that whenever I pause in thought during heated writing - I type a comma. this results in TONS of revisions as my comma splices are identified and plucked out, one by one. Does anyone else have such bad writing habits?

So - all worry aside that Elizabeth will receive All or Nothing and want to throw it in the trash! - This week will be for celebrating. I need to scare myself up a bottle of Ruby Cuvee from Southcoast Winery... EXCELLENT offering, I might add. Ideal for celebrations.

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